Member Feedback

We are listening! Your suggestions and comments are important to us. On this page we will list all suggestions and comments received after each meeting and address them as best as we can. We may not be able to squeeze all presentation topic suggestions into every subsequent meeting but we will try to include them at some point throughout the year. In some cases they may be paired up with other topics as they relate.


Meeting: October 22, 2014

Evaluation views: 56 Entries: 10

Comments from our members

“I really enjoyed this meeting.  The topics were perfect and the presenters were great.!  Great group of people meeting to work together to make NMSU the best it can be.  HR is a tough job and often harder to explain.  This group did a great job with the difficult subject matter.    Thank you to all involved!!  Kim Allbright, NMDA Business Manager”

“Less HR personnel in the meeting.  The room is rather small.”

50. Suggestion: “I like these types of meetings.  Great information.  Refreshers or common policy and procedure is always a good topic.”
HRS Response: Thank you for your comment. We are glad you are finding them useful.
51. Suggestion: “None”/”Not sure” (4 responses of this same comment)
HRS Response: N/A
52. Suggestion: “Minor suggestion: Improve presentation in PowerPoints; less reading from the slides.”
HRS Response: Thank you for your feedback.
53. Suggestion: “update on community involvement goal/initiative.”
HRS Response: Thank you for your suggestion; it will be considered for future sessions.
54. Suggestion: “Topic: Employee retention, recognition and reward.”
HRS Response: Thank you for your suggestion; it will be considered for future sessions.
55. Suggestion: “At this point everything is helpful because I am a new employee.”
HRS Response: Welcome! We hope these meetings continue to benefit you.
56. Suggestion: “retirement”
HRS Response: Thank you for your suggestion; it will be considered for future sessions.

Meeting: July 23, 2014

Evaluation views: 23 Entries: 10

Comments from our members

“It is clear from the drop off of attendance at the HR Presents meetings that not everyone is finding them useful. It is also evident that the audience needs more time to ask questions and receive answers (even if it’s I’ll get more information on the issue and send you a follow up email.)

“For this particular training, spending time on the HR Customer Survey results hurt the purpose of pointing out the results which was to emphasize customer satisfaction with your unit. Let’s face it, most of the satisfaction was in the lower 70s. I believe it would be much lower if you only surveyed the people who use your services the most – HR Liaisons. The all industry average score is upper 80s. We all know you are working to improve your service; and I personally have seen a lot of great things happening over the last year. An email could have been sent to the audience with the results attached and a commitment from Andrew Pena that HR will continue to work towards improving service and lay a plan to do that.”

“Here’s what I suggest; place only two items on the next agenda and the third be a Q&A session. Ask liaisons to submit questions in advance of the meeting, so personnel may prepare. HR has vast amounts of ever-changing policies and procedures; but these meetings can’t just be about updates or continue to be one-way communication. Consider holding an informal meeting afterwards for people with additional questions.”

“All presenters were well versed in their subject material and are exceptional communicators; very well done.”

“The updates provided in this forum are always in tune with current HR topics that we need to stay abreast of and it is very helpful for the College to be able to have this direct interaction with HR staff as well towards improved understanding of the processes, issues and making improvements. Thank you HR Staff!”

42. Suggestion: “At the moment can’t think of anything, As most information is good even as a refresher.”
HRS Response: Thank you for your comment.
43. Suggestion: “none at this time” (2 responses of this same comment)
HRS Response: N/A
44. Suggestion: “An HR representative targeted for non-exempt employee issues”
HRS Response: Is this a suggestion for a future meeting? If so, please send a detailed request explaining this statement further to and she will ensure the HRS Leadership group reviews it for consideration. Thank you for your feedback.
45. Suggestion: “identify any problems the College or other non HR units need to work on.”
HRS Response: Do you have some some examples of what would be helpful in determining this? Our team partners work closely with their colleges on ensuring clear communication and smoothing out process as needed. If you have some ideas, please feel free to email them to
46. Suggestion: “Add to the sessions, new items added to the HR website.”
HRS Response: Thank you for your suggestion. We launched our new site almost a year ago and we are in the process of making some improvements now that we’ve been using it for a while. This might be a good topic as soon as we have some of our revisions in place.
47. Suggestion: “Reclassifications and when is it appropriate to do one for an employee?”
HRS Response: Thanks for your suggestion, it will be passed on to the HRS Leadership group for consideration.
48. Suggestion: “Topic: New onboarding system in P.A.”
HRS Response: Thank you for your suggestion. You will be happy to know that we will be including the PA Onboarding system as an agenda item for October 22, 2014.
49. Suggestion: “The sound faded throughout the meeting.”
HRS Response: Thank you for your comment. We will inform the technical staff at Milton Hall. Please also ensure that you are connected via a network cable and not via a wireless signal. We have been told that a wireless signal will sometimes slow down or distort the sound.


Meeting: April 23, 2014

Evaluation views: 15 Entries: 6

Comments from our members

“The only reason I checked disagree on the first question is because Dr. Montoya’s topic didn’t apply to improving my knowledge about HR; however it certainly applied to me on a personal level.  This was a “fun” event, which I truly appreciate.”

“This was the best HR Presents yet; fun and informative.  I was disappointed to see that none of the HR staff was present at the meeting though (except Andrew, Dorothy, and Kathy).”

“I really enjoyed the presentation and feel that we should promote the recorded version if possible or ask if Dr. Montoya would mind doing it again. It really was a presentation that everyone needs to hear and while those in attendance can act accordingly and pass on the news, I think the manner that it was originally delivered is highly effective considering the format and the fact that it came from senior leadership directly.”

“This was really fun  – thanks for the wonderful speaker (and singer) on change and the lunch and the important updates as well as the HR Presents Bulletin.  I feel more in tune with what I need to be getting ready for and greatly appreciate this for planning ahead.”

“This presentation was Awesome!”

“Thank you very much for giving us lunch.  It is wonderful to feel appreciated.  You achieved this masterfully.”

37. Suggestion: “A bit late, but I sure would like more knowledge when it comes to evaluations.  I get asked many questions on this topic and I can’t answer them.”
HRS Response: Thank you, HRP member. If you’d like to compile your questions, I’m sure the EMS department will be more than happy to answer them, even though it is after the fact. Please remember that they are always available to answer questions at any time regarding the evaluation process, while it’s going on or any other time for that matter. They can be reached at 575-646-2449 or
38. Suggestion: “Saba manager functions (this is from Adam)”
HRS Response: Thanks, Adam! We have you on our agenda for the July meeting. I’ll be in contact.
39. Suggestion: “Continue to update us on issues relating to improvements needed in our units towards making processes flow more smoothly.  I appreciate it when Kathy is able to mention issues and try to clarify misunderstandings on policy.”
HRS Response: Thank you. We will continue to keep you up to date on process changes as well as request your feedback on ways to smooth out the process flows.
40. Suggestion: “More speakers like Bernadette!”
HRS Response: Thank you! We agree that she and her topic were fantastic!
41. Suggestion: “Room doesn’t lend itself to discussion among HR Liaisons.  Don’t know if this can be fixed.”
HRS Response:  Thank you for your suggestion. We will look at adjusting the room setup. We might look at changing it from a classroom style setup to a round-table setup if the attendees will fit.


Meeting: February 19, 2014

Evaluation views: 45                 Entries: 8

Comments from our members


33. Suggestion: “It was hard to hear the people who spoke at the end that were in the audience.”
HRS Response: Thank you for your feedback. We will work better to adjust the sound with the microphones at the back of the room.
34. Suggestion: “Since Angela didn’t have final legislative information, it was not helpful to give “speculations” about what may/may not happen. Wait until you have all the details finalized before presenting to the group.”
HRS Response: Thank you for your comments. Our intent was not to give “speculations” but rather share what was in the process of being requested. We thought it would be helpful for the HR Presents group to understand the current priorities being reviewed at the legislative session which was concurrently occurring.
35. Suggestion:  “At the moment can’t think of anything, As most information is good even as a refresher.”
HRS Response: Thank you for your comment. We realize that not every session will hold new information for every attendee but we strive to make sure the agenda items are current issues or we include timeless issues that were submitted as requests by HR Presents members.
36. Suggestion: “I would suggest that when speakers have power point presentations both on the screen and in their hands that they not keep turning toward the screen and talking. It makes it hard to hear what they are saying.”
HRS Response: Thank you. I will inform our presenters of this concern.


Meeting: October 23, 2013

Evaluation views: 76                 Entries: 11

Comments from our members

“I have enjoyed the topics presented in 2013.  I am looking forward to a better 2014!  Thanks for all that you do HR staff!!”

“I am glad that you are willing to do these forums virtually. Thank you!”

“The presentations greatly help me to further my knowledge of HR and in the changing environment of HR, this is very necessary and much appreciated!  Thank you.”

“These meetings are great.  I think the quarterly schedule works well and the level of communication is greater than in the past.  I always learn something or am reminded of something important.  Transparency and communication are key values – thank you for all your doing to promote those!”

26. Suggestion: “Rather than telling us about current policy & procedures (leave management), tell us about upcoming changes, projects, or strategic plans.” & “Updates, progress and new projects on the horizon.”
HRS Response: Thank you for your comments. Our goal is to primarily communicate current events and issues, yet we also like to include information that is requested by the forum members. Leave Management was a topic requested following the February 2013 meeting.
27. Suggestion: “Keep the round table discussion for members please.” & “I think a Q and A session is a good idea”
HRS Response: Thank you, we always encourage questions, both during and after presentations. For the October meeting we included a block of time specifically for this. Although no one took advantage of it at that meeting we plan to keep scheduling time for this and hope to achieve a high level of interaction among the group.
28. Suggestion: “The topics and presenters are excellent. The only suggestion I have is to have the speakers stand closer to the microphone when they are presenting. It was sometimes hard for me to hear them on the computer!” & “The topics and presenters are great. The only problem I have is with the sound quality…I can’t really hear the presenter speak.”
HRS Response: Thank you for your feedback. We are aware of the issue and for the February 2014 meeting we are hosting it at Milton Hall, Room 85, which is the Media Technology room. This room is wired specifically for better sound quality and Adobe Connect broadcasting. We are hopeful that this new location will make our remote attendees feel more included; they should be able to hear the audience questions more clearly as well.
29. Suggestion: “Revisit the leave presentation.  Not enough time” & “Would have like more time for leave management.”
HRS Response: Although leave is an important topic, we must continue our efforts to include other requested categories as well. If you have additional questions regarding leave management, you may always contact the Employee & Management Services staff or the Benefits staff and they will be happy to answer any questions you might have. Ralph Lucero can be reached at 6-2449 and Rene Yoder/Jacki Griffin can be reached at 6-8000.
30. Topic Suggestion: “evaluations”
HRS Response: Thank you for your suggestion. Evaluations are just around the corner and I can assure you that we will have some information on this at the February 2014 session.
31. Topic Suggestion: “Continue to update us on HCR and NMSU’s compliance”
HRS Response: Thank you for your suggestion, we will keep this in mind as more information becomes available to us and as decisions are made by the federal government.
32. Topic Suggestion: “They could have allowed just a little more time. It was very rushed so that everyone could get their stuff presented. ”
HRS Response: Thank you. We try to schedule a comfortable agenda as well as make time for any final discussions.


Meeting: July 24, 2013

Evaluation views: 25                 Entries: 10

Comments from our members

“These meetings are very valuable. I look forward to the next one.”

19. Suggestion: “It would be nice to have a listing of all HR Employees and what their specific job responsibilities are”
HRS Response: Thank you for your suggestion, we are putting together an org chart along with our duties for you.
20. Suggestion: “Do the HR Presents presentation before we are inundated with the information. HR had already sent out the information they presented.”
HRS Response: We typically send out the agenda ahead of time so our members know what to expect so they can be ready to discuss and prepare questions. At the meeting we hand out the presentation materials at the door so all attendees can easily follow along and make notes on their materials as needed. Occasionally the materials we discuss may be important items that we’ve already sent out as part of our regular communications with your division. Discussing them at the Forum allows for us to ensure they are fully covered and allows for our members to ask questions.
21. Suggestion: “Introductions of the HR staff in attendance would be nice. We talk on the phone all the time but don’t always recognize people in person. I think these meetings are important. The changes in HR over the past year, towards greater transparency and service orientation, are a good direction”
HRS Response: Thank you for your suggestion. We will incorporate more introductions as time permits.
22. Suggestion: “There did not seem to be any new information presented. It was basically a review of the materials that had already been sent by email and covered in the training. I had thought the meeting was going to review the Exempt Staff Manual”
HRS Response: Occasionally the materials we discuss may be important items that we’ve already sent out as part of our regular communications with your division. Discussing them at the Forum allows for us to ensure they are fully covered and allows for our members to ask questions.
23. Suggestion: “These meetings should be videotaped as well; we have the technology, we should be using it. That would give us a very personal way to review these meetings and also provide training for those who are employed in these areas after the trainings”
HRS Response: Thank you for your suggestion. The room for a group our size is not readily equipped for video recording. We would need to increase our budget to cover the cost of obtaining and setting up the equipment. However, we will look into it.
24. Topic Suggestion: “Have Andrew Peña give state of HR address”
HRS Response: Thank you for your suggestion, it has been shared with Dr. Peña and due to the recent reorg that HRS has undergone the October meeting will be a great time to provide an update of what is going on.
25. Topic Suggestion: “Disciplinary Process for Students”
HRS Response: Thank you for your suggestion, we have made note of this topic suggestion for future meetings.


Meeting: April 24, 2013

Evaluation views: 36                 Entries: 13

Comments from our members

“Thanks, very informative.”

“I’m really enjoying these sessions! I feel like a valued member of the HR department :)”

10. Suggestion: “leave more time for questions”
HRS Response: Thank you for your suggestion. We will consider this as we schedule future agendas.
11. Suggestion: “More time on final topic”
HRS Response: The final topic at this session was Health Care Reform. We realize this is a rather large topic so we will continue coverage of it at our next session.
12. Suggestion: “The presenter should use lapel microphones. Sound quality is not very good on recording.”
HRS Response: Thank you for your suggestion. We are looking into other types of microphones that meet both the needs of the speaker and the audience.
13. Suggestion: “more technical tips/review of what reports are sent and how we will deal with health care reform, more than one presentation may be needed depending on the complexity of the topic”
HRS Response: We agree, HCR is a large topic and more will be covered at the next HR Presents session. At this time, we are working on how our reporting process will occur. We will keep you informed. Thank you.
14. Concern: “I felt blindsided by the department personnel and the dean asking questions about health care reform inspired by policy changes over the last two weeks. If HR as a unit really is concerned about disseminating information, then HR Liaisons should have been apprised of the changes before now, especially since summer hiring is underway.”
HRS Response: We are sorry to hear you felt this way. As soon as we had an idea of the program from our consultant and the changes we might have to implement we sent out our first communication on April 11, 2013. This memo was addressed to Campus Presidents, Deans and Vice Presidents with a copy to HR Liaisons and Business Managers. This memo explained that we would begin scheduling individual college, division, and campus meetings to present information to your staff first hand. We thought an individualized approach would be best to help discuss division needs and changes. Deans were not asked to inquire about HCR matters with their HR Liaisons or Business Managers; we requested that questions be sent to at that time.
15. Topic Suggestion: “Update on PeopleAdmin for Faculty; update on PAFs for student hires; regular employee changes”
HRS Response: We are still in the process of reviewing how PA will work for faculty within our university processes, we will notify you as soon as we have more information. Regarding “PAFs for student hires”, we provided information at this session that the student EPAF is underway. It is scheduled to be released in July and we mentioned that it will replace SES Ventana. We also mentioned that AggieCAREER Manager will become the new recruitment tool for student jobs. For “regular employee changes” we will need more specific information on what changes you are referring to. Thank you for your comments and participation.
16. Topic Suggestion: “a more in-depth session on Health Care Reform Act changes; once EPAF is fully implemented, a session devoted to those processes.”
HRS Response: We agree, HCR is a large topic and more will be covered at the next HR Presents session. For EPAF, we have partnered with CLPD to offer training sessions as different EPAFs are rolled out. The Employment Services staff are present at the first few sessions to assist with business practice process questions as needed.
17. Topic Suggestion: “More about HCR– Final impact for NMSU employees, i.e, increase/decrease in health insurance premiums and how it will impact the way we do business”
HRS Response: HCR is a large topic and more will be covered at the next HR Presents session as we continue to work through the details of the program.
18. Topic Suggestion: “”Retention of employee files”
HRS Response: Thank you for your suggestion, we have made note of this topic suggestion. Please keep in mind that Financial Systems Administration’s Records Management and Retention office regularly conducts training based on the NM Administrative Codes in which we must abide.


Meeting: February 20, 2013

Evaluation views: 42                 Entries: 10

Comments from our members

“It was a very informative meeting and will help me greatly in staying abreast of HR policies, procedures and issues in doing my job as Business Manager and backup to the HR liaison. Thanks to all the presenters and planners of the event.”

“The HR liaisons have often been overlooked and I think the forums are a great way to bring them together to hear timely information directly from HR and to have an opportunity to network among ourselves. The amount and type of information HR shared in this first session was amazing and none of us even knew these things were on the radar. I’m really looking forward to being part of this group and involved in opportunities to provide feedback to the HR staff and share new information with my division’s leadership and staff. These forums and the direction the information shared is pointing are good signs for the future. Thank you.”

“Personally, I’m looking forward to being part of the NEO pilot training. This is long overdue. I personally enjoyed the forum and look forward to the next one. The current HR staff is very knowledgeable. They never hesitate to assist, they are friendly and most important, they never make me feel stupid when I ask dumb questions! “

“I think this is a wonderful outreach program. I have already used some of the knowledge gained in my workplace, and I expect to benefit greatly from future HR Presents opportunities.”

“This is a good outreach program and it is difficult to think of what can be improved. Staying committed to the program is a primary concern.”

“I believe the session will benefit me in receiving information that I need in my HR role.”

“This was a very informative meeting, and I must admit that I feel like I have been left out in the dark for so long with some of the new projects that were presented. I know HR has been busy, but this really shows how much is going on in the background.”

1. Suggestion: “Hopefully, the new VP of HR will have information he would like to share or suggestions for improvement.”
HRS Response: Beginning in April, Dr. Peña has begun kicking off the meeting by providing highlights of the HRS initiatives as well as addressing some of the topics mentioned in these feedback results.
2. Suggestion: “more training opportunities or lectures on policies– like the Leave management. A detailed workshop on Sick Leave Bank and/or FMLA would be great, too.”
HRS Response: Thank you for your suggestion. We have noted these topics for future presentations.
3. Suggestion: “Going forward provide some time for an open Q and A session so that liaisons can ask questions that may not be related to the topics covered in order to collect information about departmental needs.”
HRS Response: Thank you for your suggestion. We will keep this in mind as we schedule future agendas.
 4. Suggestion: “A little more specific information would be helpful.”
HRS Response: Thank you for your comment. We attempt to be as specific as possible while trying to meet the needs of various colleges and administrative divisions. We are always available to provide one-on-one assistance after meetings in addition to scheduling time for you during our regular office hours.
5. Suggestion: “Would prefer a handout to make notes on in regards to the specific topic being addressed. It was mentioned that we would be receiving electronic handouts later so we would not have to worry about taking notes, however the speakers do provide some clarifications that are no in the PowerPoint and which I made notes on anyway. It would have been helpful to make the note next to the PowerPoint slide in a handout.
HRS Response: HRS will provide slide handouts for all subsequent meetings.”
6. Suggestion: “1. I recommend that the slides’ author sit in the last row of where they are being projected and visually inspect the presentation. The font was too small and crowded. Too much information was placed on several slides. This part of the presentation was ineffectual and did absolutely nothing to add to my knowledge. 2. I appreciate Kathy Agnew not reading what was on the slides.   Presentation Content: There was a lot of information given in a short time. Other comments: 1. In such a large room, presenters should repeat audience questions before answering. 2. Add e-mail addresses and phone numbers to presenters on the agenda, always. 3. Support campus sustainability by suggesting participants bring their own reusable cups or mugs to a meeting. This could easily be inserted into emails when meetings are announced. (I know you are probably rolling your eyes at this, but we can make a small change.)”
HRS Response: We will increase the font size for better viewing of our future presentations. We also encourage attendees to sit closer to the presenters to be able to engage in more conversation. We will remind our presenters to repeat questions aloud. We request that our Service Center be contacted at 575-646-8000 or so they can appropriately direct inquiries to employees who are available and can provide a timely response. We thank you for your support of campus sustainability and will include your suggestion in future invitations.
7. Topic Suggestion: “Update on the Faculty hires going through PeopleAdmin; update on EPAF rolling out to other employee types; EMS presentation on disciplinary process.”
HRS Response: Thank you for your suggestions. We will keep these in mind as we schedule future agendas.
8. Topic Suggestion: “Search Process”
HRS Response: Employment Services has established hiring toolkits to assist departments with their recruitment efforts. As part of a recruitment, a Search Committee Orientation Request Form may be submitted at and our HR Team Partner is available to answer any specific questions you may have. If you would like to share more details on what you would like to see at HR Presents regarding “Search Process” please let your Team Partner know.
9. Topic Suggestion: “updates on progress/implementation of EPAF”
HRS Response: EPAF updates where provided during the April and July sessions