About HR Presents

What is HR Presents?

HR Presents is a forum that meets quarterly to discuss current HR related issues and announcements. The primary goal of the forum is to facilitate communications with colleges and campus departments on a variety of human resource issues that impact NMSU employees.

How do I become a member of HR Presents?

Vice presidents and college deans have designated HR Presents members from the direct reporting areas within their division. Appropriate designees are those who work with human resource matters in their departments and are committed to attending the forum meetings on a quarterly basis. View the Membership List.

When do the HR Presents forums occur?

The forum meets quarterly on Wednesdays from 10:30 – 12:00 pm in Milton Hall and Online via Adobe Connect.

Register to attend HR Presents

For those who are interested in receiving the information that is presented during the forum, meeting minutes, handouts, and presentation outlines are all posted online in the Meeting Materials section. A topical agenda will be posted online and distributed via email within 48 hours before the meeting date.

What is covered at the HR Presents Meetings?

HR subject matter experts (SME) within the Human Resource Services division will provide presentations at each forum meeting on current HR related matters of importance that may vary from but not limited to the following:

  • Compensation guidelines
  • Benefit updates and enrollment dates
  • Hiring processes
  • Communications for important business information system updates and reporting solutions
  • Training and professional development
  • Employee relations / union updates

We would like to provide an opportunity for members to ask specific questions or request topics for presentations.  To request presentation topics, please use the Request Presentation Topics form.  We will make a concentrated effort to ensure that the requested presentation topics are covered in the next meeting date or answers to specific questions are provided via email or posted online.